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I am Captain James Moore of the Kilo Company, 42 Commando Royal Marines of the British led coalition forces formerly in Iraq and currently in Afghanistan on Operation Enduring Freedom, based on the legislative and executive decision to withdraw all coalition troops before the end of 2014 and hand over all security to the Afghan Police,
I have been approved for withdrawal and subsequently will be deployed to Falkland Island to serve out my deployment. This circumstance have orchestrated this proposal and I will explain in details upon your acceptance.I have in my sight ,the sum of $13.2 million US Dollars which was recovered from one of our raids battling insurgencies, this people keep most of their money at home for evil activities which they normally get through illegal deals and donors.some of us did meet such luck and it happened that I went for this raid with the men in my unit and we agreed to part with sum potions of the money to compensate our self's for the sufferings we do undergo as soldiers in this evil land filled with suicide bombers, before making it known to the military authority.

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 I want to invest the money on stock fish from Norway to support this refugees because based on my experience on battle ground in this places, they lack a lot of fish and meat to add to their meager and unpalatable meals which they get in little quantity just to keep them living until God knows when the problem ends. Instead of allowing this terrorist to get the money and spend it on purchasing arms illegally from Russia and China it is better channeled to saving the world.

I got this fund deposited with a Red Cross office here with an unidentified personel name of Miss Marie AVis, the fund is stashed in a box and informed them that we are making contacts for the real owner whom is Miss Marie Avis or family member, clearly it is under my powers to approve who stands for the claim.I wish to use this money for charity purposes in Turkey, where we have high number of refugees and Sudan where we have currently the highest numbers of refugees displaced as a result of war, you need to visit such places, I am not forgetting the displaced in India. So I am willing to make you the next of kin to this Miss Marie Avis.

However I cannot move this money to the Britain because i will be in Falkland for years and the fund can not be moved in my name also because of my position as Service Men which forbids us from doing business while on active duty In a I need someone real, somebody that i can trust to move the funds in his names as the Beneficiary.

I will give you more details about this plan and how this will take off, if your are compelled to intervene.I have made a decision to give you 10% of the sum for your assistance while 90% will be for me, should you accept this offer. Contact me on 



SAmper fi 

 Picture: money taken from Saddam Hussein during the Iraq War


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